Monday, November 23, 2009

My journey so far, concerning Child Hood Vaccines.


Doctors tend to look at those who don't vaccinate like:*we're just following the hype that vaccines can cause autism, and we're being way too over protective and paranoid*.

Fact is as Parents, we HAVE to be protective, To know what is right and good for our children.. Especially when they're infants. Infants cannot tell you "mommy my whole leg is numb after I got that hep B shot".

Another FACT is that AAP, CDC, and a lot of doctors claim vaccines do not cause autism.
At the same time they claim they have no clue what causes it, they have theories (of course none being vaccines).
Yet would it hurt them to space out the vaccine schedules? To wait till the child is AT LEAST 12 months old before even starting the vaccines? To make sure the child is even strong enough?
No, they claim theres no link between the 2 yet they haven’t even investigated it, or even tried to change the vaccine schedules, just to even see if it makes a difference.


Even if they did stop doing combo shots and changed the vaccine schedules, I believe autism will still be a worry, because no matter how far you space the shots or when you start them, there are still toxins in there.
No one can deny the fact that vaccines contain some of the most toxic things known to man.

1. What Damages The Vaccines Can Do (this is just a sample of ONE thing):
Vaccines can cause impaired blood flow/blood sludging.

How do vaccines cause that?
Well when we get a sickness we usually catch it from our nose, mouth or eyes.

That is how we normally naturally catch a virus.

So we have mucus membranes and usually when a virus enters through our Nose, Mouth, or eyes, our mucus membranes react trying to capture the virus in one spot so it doesn’t keep reproducing or moving further into the body. After that happens are immune system is given a healthy time to react to the virus, sometimes the immune system doesn’t even have to react at all.

So that’s that, then there is vaccines.
When you get an injection, it is NOT a natural way of catching a virus. So say you were injected in the arm or leg.
The immune system is put into over load/shocked over drive. So many white blood cells will come to the injection site all at once that it can actually cause the flow of the red blood cells to slow or sludge the red blood cells carry oxygen.
Blood sludging, and tissue damages to all organs including hypoxic (low oxygen delivery) brain damages.
If the red blood cells are slowed then you/or your child are at risk of a heart attack, stroke, neurological damage, and even death.

One Size fits all:
So to sum it all up. One size fits all means, a 2 month old baby is getting the same vaccine dosage amount as a 30 year old, 200 pound MAN.
They cannot change the dosage amount even if your baby is just 2 month old or I should say 1 day old beings that is when they give the hep B shot. (in California at least).

There would be no point of vaccinating if they're going to give a grown man a large dosage to fit his body but then give a baby a lower dosage. That just means the baby would have a lower immunity and could still catch whatever s/he was vaccinated for. (either way vaccines are never guaranteed to give immunity).
So there is no way around that one, Choosing not to vaccinate is a way, but some may not agree with that one.


If you trust your doctor is telling the truth about vaccine related risks, then have him sign this consent:

Responsible Physician Statement:

I, (Physician Name) ______________________ do hereby state that I have advised my patient, (patient or child’s name)________________________ and/or parent of my patient, (parent’s name) __________________________________ that in my professional opinion this patient/child should be given the vaccination, drug or other (name of vaccination/drug/other) ___________________________________. Manufacturer’s name ____________________________. Serial number _______________ Batch Number ______________________. I have on this (day) ______ (month) ______ (year) ______administered this vaccination/medication/drug AFTER advising the above named patient/parent of minor patient that there is little or no risk involved with this vaccination/medication/drug therapy or treatment.
I hereby do agree that should this patient/child at anytime suffer or develop any permanent condition deleterious or injurious to his/her health as a result of this treatment, I will pay for any and all costs involved related to the care and treatment necessary for this patient/child for the rest of his/her natural life.
I further agree that if my earnings are insufficient to meet these costs, I will sell my home, my business and all material possessions and put those proceeds towards meeting the needs and expenses of the patient involved.
Date: _____________________________
Signature of responsible physician: ______________________________
Signature of responsible person administering vaccination/medication/drug: _________________________ Occupational Title: _________ Signature of Witness: Parent or other: _____________________________

I bet that doctor would rather you NOT vaccinate than sign this.
Most doctors do know of the risks and most don’t even vaccinate their own kids.
Keep that in mind.


Here are some things I want to share with everyone before I finish.

10 Basic things you should know BEFORE you Vaccinate.

1) Vaccination does NOT guarantee that you or your child will not get the illness that you/ he /she is vaccinated for. So if you think that your you or your child will not get the disease you /he or she is vaccinated for you’re wrong. Johnny or Susie can still get the measles, chicken pox, mumps etc.

2) Vaccine manufacturers have a "deal" with the government that the companies will NOT be liable for deaths or disabilities caused from their vaccines. Ummm... why do you think this is?

3) If you are Christian ... why would you want to inject your healthy new born with aborted fetuses and chemicals?

4) If you are not Christian why would you want to inject your healthy child with aborted fetuses and chemicals?

5) Are you prepared physically, emotionally and financially become disabled or to take care a disabled child? You really need to prepare for the worse and hope for the best if you decide to vaccinate.

6) Vaccine Companies make HUGE profits from Vaccines and YOUR doctor makes a STEADY income off of Vaccines.

7) Think about this ... Many doctors do not fully immunize their own children. Do they know something you don't know? Don't be shy... ask YOUR doctor if THEY vaccinate their own children with ALL the recommended Vaccines.

8) Do you know what the difference in dosage is to vaccinate a 3 month old baby and a 30 year old 200 pound adult? NONE !

9) Question EVERYTHING ... your doctor will not be caring for your vaccine injured child, staying up day and night, losing their job, losing their house, losing their family (most marriages do not survive a disabled child) your doctor has NOTHING to lose after vaccinating you or your child NO MATTER what the outcome

10) ALWAYS listen to and trust your "mom gut" it will NEVER lie to you.

Those of you who are Pro Life: Did you know a number of childhood vaccines contain aborted fetus cell?

Those of you who are vegetarians: Did you know ALL vaccines contain some form of animal? from chickens, to monkeys.

To end this I would like to say, I do not/will not ever judge someone for vaccinating their child (hope others would bestow the same upon my decision NOT to vaccinate).

Every parent that chooses to vaccinate even after learning everything about vaccines, I understand where their hearts are. Its always with their kid/s.We do what we do for Our Children, but never let someone impose on what you think is safe and isn't safe for your kid/s.

I know it will probably never be possible for them to "Green the vaccines", but at least its drawing attention to others that vaccines are made with some scary ingredients.

Be Safe Everyone.
First line of prevention is at home.
Basic washing hands, drink warm liquids daily (tea, coffee, warm water), Blow your nose hard at least one time a day and eat right, exercise daily and maybe take some vitamin C? :).

Take care, and thank you to all who took the time to read my first BLOG.